La La Land (2016)

La La Land is one of the best films of 2016. a romantic jazz musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling


La La Land was the big movie of 2016. The one everyone talked about. The romantic musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. 

I am guessing a movie like La La Land does not really need that much introduction. 14 Oscar nominations. 7 Golden Globe awards and by pretty much everyone ranked as top 3 of 2016s best films.

Musicals as a genre has never been quite the big thing. Usually the plot of every musical ever made has been the same and the songs have usually been very repetitive and well boring. La La Land works as a breath of fresh air in terms of music on films. and has managed to reinvent musicals as a serious genre.


The tragic love story of Mia and Sebastian hits you in the heart from the very beginning. Emma Stone shines in pretty much every role she has ever played and and as a amateur actress strugglign to make ends meet she is both convincing and cute adorable. I don’t really think Ryan Gosling is a great actor but, he manages to be convincing as the charming and stubborn Sebastian. The pianist desperate to save jazz from dying out. Emma Stone is great in La La Land. Ryan Gosling is just good.

Let’s begin with the obvious problem. Emma Stone can’t sing and Ryan Gosling can’t dance. Stone has a completely OK voice but nothing extraordinary and Ryan Goslings dance moves are just completely corny. But it is not really that big of a problem, cause the songs are brilliant and the movie is just so good.


So. yes. music. The score is written by Justin Hurwitz, not really a very known composer of film scores but after winning an oscar for best soundtrack and best original song he may have a bright Hollywood future ahead of him. La La Lands music is catchy. beautiful and a soundtrack you can go and sing on for weeks after seeing the film. City of Stars. Epilouge. There are not that many movies I have ended up buying the soundtrack for just because it is amazing, but La La Land fits perfectly into my CD collection. It is a movie worth seeing just for the soundtrack. The best song in the movie. is called Another Day of Sun and is actually the opening tune of the entire film.


The cinematography and costumes are also worth mention, cause everything fits so well in here. Everything we see on the camera is visually astonishing, and La La Land is the kind of film that is a pleasure to both see and listen to. The movie is shot in classic Cinemascore ratio 2.55:1 to make it look like an 1950s movie and it works out like a charm. Linus Sandgren is a master with the camera.

Damien Chazelles directing is something. The youngest director ever to win an Oscar and quite frankly the mastermind behind the entire film. He wrote the screenplay back in 2010 and wanted the movie to seem like a classic jazz musical. Even though no studio really wanted to produce this it turned out to the end. He managed to make a terrific film even though neither Gosling or Stone was famous musical actors and the result was rock solid. He deserves every bit of credit he gets for this masterful direction.

La La Land is my favorite movie of 2016. I went into it with very low expectations and I loved it from the very first second. The jazz/piano is beautiful. Emma Stone is terrific and the movie feels like good old fashioned Sound of Music. it is truly a cinematic masterpiece and one of the best examples on how Film can be art.

Score: 10/10



9 comments on “La La Land (2016)”

  1. Beautiful jazz/piano scores and beautiful cinematography. This is definitely going onto my list of things to watch this weekend. Thanks. This sounds like a great movie.


  2. I hate to admit that I have not yet watched La La Land. From your review I am going to have to watch it this weekend. It sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing a great review.


  3. I stil haven’t seen La La Land. A lot of my friends are still talking about it. I didn’t even know that it was a musical until the Oscars rolled around. I’m glad that you liked it. Do you think it’s a movie that you’d see over and over.


  4. Honestly, I saw it and wasn’t as excited about it as others were. It’s a classic Hollywood story with music and humor. The characters were not a stretch but yes, the music was very good. I’m more of a drama than musical fan. 🙂


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